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Linux Firewall Training is a division of Texas Information Services and Off The Wall Training
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Welcome to the source for Linux training in Austin!

Notice: We are no longer providing direct training. Please contact Phil Carinhas of Fortuitous Technologies for more information.

So... you'd like to learn about Linux, but don't have much time? You'd like to take advantage of the power of Linux but don't want to get bogged down in the details? Then our training program is for you! We teach a fast paced, streamlined, no nonsense course. We focus on the how and not the why. Our goal is for you to receive enough knowledge to create and operate a LINUX based Internet Gateway for your home or small office. We don't waste your time with technical trivia about bits and bytes, this is a straight to the point course that shows you on a step by step basis how to set up each of the following important Internet functions:

  • Install Linux
  • Create A Firewall
  • Setup Proxy Server
  • Setup a Web Server
  • Setup Company Wide Email
  • Connect to ISDN, DSL or Cable Modem
As part of the trainingevery student will receive a copy of Red Hat Linux, including CD based software distribution, PC boot floppy, and access to the private student section of our web site. This student section may be used to post questions for our instructors and download updates to software and documentation! :)
Hands On Training!
Every student gets to use a full featured PC for hands on training. Each PC is connected to two networks, one of which is live on the Internet. By the end of the course, the instructor will actually use the students machines to reach out to the net through the newly configured firewall!
Support after the class!
As a new feature all students are now given a personal access code to enter the private area of Inside, they will find document updates, a message board and file updates relevant to their class. This venue allows the students to ask questions directly to the instructors or exchange information with other students to help them along in their Linux exploration.
Small classes for personalized attention!
Time Lapse of a Typical Class!
Our courses are taught in our own brand new state of the art training center. Our courses are taught by experienced LINUX administrators with years in the business. You will learn real world tricks and setup secrets with special focus on the Austin Area. Learn about interfacing to Cable Modem service, the new high speed DSL services as well as ISDN service.